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What people are saying about their custom SKOR Shoes

Britt M.

These are the comfiest shoes you will ever put on! SKOR’s team of designers helped me bring my dream shoe to life (pink marble & black) and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Get these on ya feets immediately, people.

Paige L.

I ordered these with my pug Lady Bug as a pattern and they came out so cute! I’m incredibly happy. The soles are super comfortable with a really soft fabric on top, which is huge since I’m 5 months pregnant right now. These are quickly replacing my brand name shoes!

Jenna S.

I’m a parent of 3 and do A LOT of running around. When I received my sneakers, I gave them a test run on a typical Saturday starting early running errands and entertaining kids… My feet never felt so good after a long day. Will definitely be getting another pair soon!

Scott L.

SKOR’s design team brought my company’s logo to life. I love how the design turned out and the sneakers are incredibly comfortable. Everyone around the office keeps asking me where they can get a pair!

Tara D.

OBSESSED with my new personalized sneakers from SKOR Shoes! I love that they have tons of different styles and you can personalize them however you want!

Lauren B.

Thank you so much to @skor_shoes_official for designing these custom shoes for me. I’m seriously obsessed and they’re so comfy.

Elizabeth T.

Took these babies to Universal Studio and they did me good for the 8 hours that I was out and about. Feels like I’m wearing just socks because of how light they are!


I found SKOR Shoes a few weeks ago and decided to order a couple pairs of custom @mcflys_shoerescue sneakers! These things are amazing! I love having my own branded kicks!

Martin K.

I’m in college and have worn these to walk all over our big campus. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but random people keep stopping to ask me about my shoes because they’ve never seen anything like them!

Vanessa C.

I described the snake-print style that I wanted to SKOR’s designers, and they executed perfectly! When my sneakers were delivered, I was even more amazed at how well they turned out! Thank you SKOR!

Cate G.

I’ve had issues finding shoes that fit correctly my entire life. As soon as I slipped on my SKOR sneakers, I was in shock at how comfortable they were! They mold to my feet so well.

Lindsay R.

The fit is really nice and comfortable. I suffer from back pain all the time due to scoliosis and I haven’t felt my back hurt yet from the shoes. I am a college student and walk a lot between classes- these shoes are my saving grace! I definitely would recommend these shoes to anyone.

Katlyn B.

My new custom shoes of Junior! 😍

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