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Shop Men's Animal Sneakers

The world’s most comfortable shoes for life’s everyday adventures.

Are you a crazy pet parent, a zookeeper, or an animal-lover? Yet, you don’t have any animal-printed shoes. Not a single pair of shoes with corgis on them. How peculiar! Don’t panic, SKOR has just the thing.

Man’s Best Sneakers = Dog Print Shoes!

Dogs have always been man’s best friend, going all the way back to the domestication of the wolf by our distant ancestors. We taught these majestic creatures to hunt with us and keep us safe from predators; now, we have Chihuahuas, talk to our pets in baby voices, and slap their silly little faces on our clothing.

You’re no different from the rest of us, right? Then just go for it. Shh, shh, shh, don’t resist. Just add those shoes with the corgis to your cart and love every step with doggy faces on your shoes. It’s worth the serotonin.

Reel in Your New Favorite Shoes

What does every fishing fanatic need? Fish print shoes.

Whether you’re a marine biologist or spend every sunny day out on your boat, then you need a pair of aquatic-themed shoes. What goes better with a picture of yourself holding up a freshly caught fish than fish print shoes showcasing your love of lake life, wherever you go?

We feature a range of water creatures on our shoes, from crabs to seahorses, and squids to koi fish. If none of our shoes catch your eye, design your own! Using SKOR’s design tool, and the help of our team of professional designers, you can put any fish you want on a pair of shoes. Bass, bluegills, carp, you name it!

Take Flight with a New Pair of Flamingo and Butterfly Sneakers

SKOR offers shoes covered with all things winged for our friends who love birds and butterflies. Whether you’re looking for birds of paradise or our old friend the seagull, SKOR has them on deck.

SKOR’s lightweight polymer elastomeric base will make you feel like you’re flying with every step.

Build a Zoo’s Worth of Custom SKOR Shoes

You’re unique, and we encourage you to express yourself! If you don’t see your favorite animal in our collection of animal print sneakers for men, design your own sneakers today! Celebrate your inner monkey, pig, or kangaroo and put the animal of your choice on a brand-new pair of sneakers! Start designing!