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Shop Women's Printed Sneakers

The world’s most comfortable shoes for life’s everyday adventures.

Reach for the Stars with Women’s Galaxy Tennis Shoes

Do you have big dreams that stretch towards the universe beyond our little planet? Every step will feel like walking in zero gravity with SKOR's special polymer elastomeric materials.

Perhaps you’re the kind of person that loves to sit outside and look up at the night sky, or you’re an academic with knowledge of all the fascinating stars and planets above. Whether Pluto is your passion or star-gazing is your special something, we’ve got the galaxy tennis shoes for you. Share your interest everywhere you go - they’re the perfect talking point. You won’t find a cooler pair of sneakers than our galaxy tennis shoes even if you go to the moon and back.

Add a Little Spring to Your Step with Women’s Floral Tennis Shoes

Bring a little bit of spring with you wherever you go, through the depths of winter and the height of summer, in stunning floral tennis shoes. With your own personal bouquet on your shoes, you’ll be a breath of fresh air for everyone you meet.

Check out SKOR’s selection of women’s shoes in floral prints, featuring dainty designs, vibrant tropical foliage, and every blossom in between. Bloom with fun, color, and beauty every season.

Take Pride in a Pair of Women’s Rainbow Tennis Shoes

Live life on the vibrant side with a pair of rainbow tennis shoes. For all the girls who can’t pick a favorite color, these rainbow tennis shoes will rock your world! As a bonus, these sneakers are a part of our pride collection, meaning that for every pair you buy 10% of the sales will go to the Human Rights Campaign.  Take this opportunity to express yourself while giving to a great cause!

Flaunt Your Personality with SKOR

Our custom-printed shoes are designed to represent you. Express your hobbies, your interests, or your bright personality. If none of our pre-designed shoe designs feel like ‘you,’ take advantage of SKOR’s professional design team to help you design your one-of-a-kind pair of custom pattern shoes. Get started with our custom design form!