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Shop Men's Printed Shoes 

The world’s most comfortable shoes for life’s everyday adventures.

Reach for the Stars with Men’s Galaxy Tennis Shoes

Get lost amongst the stars with the Milky Way spread out across your feet. Perfect for any aspiring astronomer or hobbyist stargazer who wants to carry a piece of the universe with them. You may be grounded to the Earth, but you’re always looking to the sky.

Live the Island Life with Men’s Tropical Sneakers

If you aspire to dress like a dad on vacation or have a collection of Hawaiian print shirts hidden in the back of your closet, SKOR’s tropical patterned sneakers are a great way to complete your look. Floral tennis shoes soften your vibe and add a feminine touch to every outfit.

With their vibrant colors and floral patterns, you can turn even the dreariest of days into a day at the beach.

Blend in With Men’s Camo Tennis Shoes

For all the guys who don’t want to stand out in the crowd, who would rather fade into the background, or keep up an air of mystery, check out SKOR’s camouflage patterned sneakers.

Choose from standard camo, modern army camo, and geometric camo, all offered in a range of colors.

Show-Off Your Wild Side with Animal Print Sneakers for Men

These shoes are a must-have for animal lovers. From your favorite furry friends to unusual creatures, choose from a menagerie of animals to carry around on your footwear. Between corgis and crabs, flamingos and foxes, you can practically wear your own zoo.

Flaunt Your Personality with SKOR

Use your sense of style to express your hobbies, your interests, or your bright personality. If none of our pre-designed shoe designs feel like ‘you,’ take advantage of SKOR’s professional design team to help you design your one-of-a-kind pair of custom pattern SKOR shoes. Walk through the world confidently with your exclusive custom printed shoes.