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Shop Women's Holiday  

Ordinary shoes are alright, we guess, for the hum drum of every day. But for holidays? Special occasions? Nights out? Let your creative side out with our women’s holiday theme shoes.

A day off work and time with family and friends is always worth an expressive outfit. Most of our predesigned holiday themed shoes feature everyone’s favorite holiday present: alcohol. Perfect for beer festivals, raucous summer nights, or hanging out with friends, our lightweight sneakers will give you the pep in your step you need to enjoy your holidays!

As any reveler knows, there’s a surprising amount of walking involved in the holidays. Hit every beer stall in custom women’s Oktoberfest shoes or keep the evening from becoming a literal bar crawl with shoes that are comfortable, breathable, and built to last. Flexible and (best of all) machine washable, you can roam far and wide without worrying about damaging your new favorite pair of shoes.

Need sneakers for a holiday we haven’t mentioned? Or fancy making up your own holiday this year? Take advantage of our custom design form. Upload an image or give our design team a rough idea of what you’re looking for and we’ll ship it to you within 10 days of ordering.

We value self-expression at SKOR. Your experience is unique, as anyone who walks a mile in your funky custom shoes will attest. That being said, here are a few holiday ideas we think would make really cool designs:

National Holidays

Although we love our USA themed shoes, they’re very Independence Day. Celebrate President’s Days, election days, historical moments, and attend the occasional protest with a pair of custom women’s holiday theme shoes. Choose your favorite patriotic figure or event and commemorate them with a pair of rockin’ kicks. Imagine somebody rolling up to the polls with custom USA shoes. They’d rule the world.

Galentine’s Day

Make a pair of custom shoes to celebrate Leslie Knope’s favorite holiday! Create Galentine’s Day shoes featuring a sketch of your friends or icons that celebrate all of the things you do together – whether you love online gaming together, competing at the gym, scrapbooking or just going for coffee. Make them for yourself or get a pair for your bestie.

Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate Mexican-American culture with a pair of custom Cinco de Mayo shoes. Our custom women’s holiday theme shoes are perfect for watching a parade, preparing your favorite Mexican dish, or general celebration. Wear your custom Cinco de Mayo shoes on the holiday or year round to proudly display your connection to Mexican-American traditions.


Grab your dirndl and your favorite pair of custom Oktoberfest shoes. Guzzle ale, fix your braids, and track down the best stalls in comfort. Cute and functional, our custom sneakers make sure you can focus on the most important part of the festivities: beer. Our custom Oktoberfest shoes are durable and machine washable, meaning you can start a proud fall tradition and roam with impunity. Cheers!


Whether you’re winning flag football, beating potatoes into submission, or standing on the line at the local Turkey Trot, everyone’s favorite Thursday means a lot of time spent on your feet. Keep things interesting with a pair of custom Thanksgiving shoes so that you can gobble away in comfort. 

General Mischief

For nights out and days running damage control, you need a pair of shoes that can keep up with the chaos. Pay homage to your favorite drink with Bloody Mary holding a Bloody Mary or recognize your official title as BEST ADVICE GIVER in sparkling pink. From a joke that only you think is funny to a piece of general advice (LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE ladies we’re looking at you), there’s a lot you can do to celebrate who you are and the multiple roles you fill every day. Is it a holiday? Not technically. But who needs a calendar date for a little humor and self-love?

Choose a predesigned sneaker that works for you or let your personality shine through with a pair of custom women’s holiday theme shoes. Let the festivities begin!