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The world’s most comfortable shoes
for life’s everyday adventures.

Colorful Men’s Sneakers

If you’re looking for colorful men’s sneakers, in bold, single block colors, a world of rainbow shoes awaits you at SKOR.

Showcase your colorful personality and brighten up every day with red, pink, blue, purple, yellow and green sneakers with bounce!

Red Men’s Sneakers to Wow

Red is the color of bravery, top sports teams, supercars and passion. If your fierce nature makes red sneakers for men your favorite choice of footwear, we’re the brand for you.

Our red men’s sneakers are complemented by clean white soles and laces, or enigmatic black. Personalize them to perfection by designing your own sneakers today.

Pink Men’s Sneakers with Pizzazz

Nothing conveys confidence like pink shoes for men. Take your look to the next level and get the attention you deserve, in magenta shades that aren’t for the faint-hearted.

Bold, Blue Men’s Sneakers

This primary color has wear-everywhere style. Choose from bold cobalt blues and lighter shades for ocean, blue sky or sports team vibes. Wear them with other beautiful blues to really catch their attention.

On-Trend Purple Men’s Sneakers

Popular purple signifies everything from ambition to mystery. This on-trend color used to be for royalty. Your feet will feel luxurious in our purple men’s sneakers thanks to the energy-absorbing polymer elastomeric foam, as much as the stunning color.

Wild Green Sneakers for Men

If you love the outdoors, feel at one with nature and love all things green, these sneakers are for you. Go for exhilarating hikes, plant trees, hug them, and tend your garden with more than just green thumbs.

Yellow Men’s Sneaker’s for a Sunny Outlook

Bring brilliant yellow to every outfit for a cheerful look year-round. Sunny days will follow in your footsteps with these bright, bold yellow shoes that are bound to raise a smile.

Orange Men’s Sneakers for Excitement

If yellow means happiness, orange means excitement. Feel ready for every adventure in energetic orange men’s sneakers; no look can compare. Pair our plain orange sneakers with complementary blue pants for bold, enticing style.

Plain White Men’s Sneakers

Colorful men’s sneakers are our passion, but if plain white, black or gray is for you, we know you’ll rock this look.

Choose from plain white men’s sneakers and gray looks that feature laces, slip-on styles, white and black soles.

Brighten Up Your World with SKOR

SKOR is here to help you showcase your personality and bring your footwear to life. Whether you’re looking for colorful men’s sneakers to add a pop of color to your look, or wear your favorite color with pride, we’re here for you.

Looking for something even more original? Design your own sneakers and stroll towards a new you with a spring in your step, with SKOR.