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Shop Women's Solid Color Shoes

Colorful Sneakers for Women

Walk, dance, shop, and play in our collection of bright and bold, single block-colored sneakers!

Choose from our wide variety of fun, fabulous colors, including pink, red, green, yellow, blue, purple, orange, and classic white.

Fierce Red Women’s Sneakers

It’s time to show off your strong, resilient side in these fierce, yet feminine sneakers. Opt for clean white soles and laces for a daytime sneaker, or black for an evening aesthetic.

Bold and Baby Blue Women’s Sneakers

Which blue represents you today? For a gentle hue, choose our baby blue sneakers that can be personalized to your exact taste!

Maybe you want a style that stands out. Our cobalt blue sneakers give arctic winter vibes for cool evening wear. Choose charcoal black soles and laces to complete the look.

Green Women’s Sneakers for a Boost of Energy

Capture the beauty of rolling hills in bold green sneakers. Raw, lush green evokes visions of gardens and deep forests while energy absorption and lightweight knit material ensure that you are truly one with nature.

Pretty in Pink Women’s Sneakers

Stand out for your fun, feminine energy in our pink sneakers. For women with playful curiosity, these kicks deliver a bounce you can physically feel. Dance, skip, and move like no one’s watching!

Orange You Glad for These Women’s Sneakers

Get your daily dose of Vitamin C in these vibrant orange sneakers! Pair with a fun, yellow jumpsuit or red pants for a look that’s on fire.

Royal Purple Sneakers for Women

Purple is the color of royalty, and wearing these stunning sneakers will certainly feel luxurious. While it might just be the high-quality, energy-absorbing polymer elastomeric foam, you can still call yourself a queen in this look.

Sunshine Yellow Sneakers for Women

No color can brighten up your morning like yellow. In our sunshine sneakers, you’ll feel like every day is summer. Wear them with floral dresses or light jeans for a look that takes you back to good times with great friends.

Trendy Plain White Women’s Sneakers

Plain in color, but certainly not style. These trendy plain white sneakers can be worn with almost everything, making them a footwear staple. Dresses, skirts, and jeans pair perfectly with these sneakers year-round.

Be Bright, Be Bold with SKOR

Tell a story with your sneakers! Are you bold and fierce? Sporty, feminine, and glam? SKOR brings your look to life.

Add a personal touch to your favorite pair with our custom design tool. At SKOR, you’re the designer – take the lead!