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Shop Men's Holiday Shoes 

The United States has plenty of holidays, and you deserve to celebrate in style. We’ve identified some of the most iconic holiday activities to show you where SKOR men’s holiday shoes would make a difference on the big day.

Manning the Grill

We know that barbecues are no picnic. Break out a pair of our men’s America shoes for Memorial Day or the 4th of July and set up shop in front of your grill. Our elastomeric foam will keep your feet comfortable while the knit mesh allows them to breathe. Settle into your station and be ready to march in and out of the kitchen in your men’s USA shoes. Be the Dad of your childhood dreams with patriotic footwear and fantastic burgers. Captain America’s got nothing on you!

Playing Santa

Now, some shoe companies out there might try and convince you that heavy black boots are the proper footwear for Christmas Eve. Those companies have never tried sneaking around in the dark in big clunky boots with buckles. Create your own sneaker design for maximum stealth and a whole lot of fun. Our men’s holiday shoes are lightweight and soft, so you can do some quality control on the cookies without causing a Christmas commotion.

Holiday Races

If you’re the type to subject yourself to running mid-summer road races, you know the real winner isn’t the first finisher. It’s whoever has the coolest kicks. Lace up a pair of our men’s 4th of July shoes and start with your best foot forward. Racing, cheering, or volunteering, our fun men’s USA shoes will make sure that you spend the day celebrating in style, no matter what your splits are.


When celebrating Oktoberfest, you’re going to want stable shoes. Guzzle ale and chow down on pretzels with footwear that makes sure you’re up to any physical challenge. All of our men’s holiday theme shoes are durable and machine washable, meaning you can start a proud fall tradition and roam with impunity. Cheers!

Thanksgiving Battles

Design your own custom holiday shoes to solemnly commemorate this honorable day. From battling relatives for the mashed potatoes to cutting the turkey to grimly facing the capacity of your own stomach, you need your armor. Plus, our cushy and responsive soles will make sure you are uniquely prepared to chase down any rogue tidbits that might be trying to escape uneaten.

And this is just the start of the list. Tackle festive tasks in a sleek pair of men’s holiday themed shoes.