St. Patrick's Day Collection

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The Irish are known for their legends and storytelling skills, sharpened by centuries on the Emerald Isle. According to Irish legend:

  • Patrick banished all the snakes from Ireland.
  • It’s impossible to reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Although SKOR Shoes wasn’t around when St. Patrick was kicking snakes to the curb and we’re a little low on Irish rainbows, we have a few theories:

  • The snake banishing probably would have happened faster if St. Patrick had a custom pair of anti-snake SKOR shoes.
  • Nobody’s found gold yet probably because no one’s tried in ultra-lightweight slip on custom sneakers.

But just because St. Patrick missed his chance to sport some fantastic shamrock shoes doesn’t mean you have to. We love our customers, and our customers love St. Patrick’s Day, so we’ve created a special range of St. Paddy’s Day shoes for you.  Our shamrock shoes, green glitter print sneakers, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day custom slip-ons will help ensure the holiday is celebrated as it should be, with a bunch of people dressed head to (literal) toe in green.

 If nothing in our selection is catching your eye, it’s your lucky day! You can design your own custom St. Patrick’s Day shoes to create a look that will express your Irish luck (or for those non-Irish souls out there: the closest approximation.) Fill out our custom design request form and tell our team what shoes they can whip up for you. They’re definitely not fey and we definitely do not bribe them with milk. That would be crazy.

Our slip-on sneakers are made from the best polymer elastomeric material for the ultimate lightweight feeling. Form-fitting and breathable, your new favorite sneakers are up for anything. Whether you’re marching in a local parade, lying in wait outside a leprechaun trap, or personally testing our rainbow theory, our machine washable shoes have the comfort and durability to carry you through even the busiest St Patrick’s Days for years to come.

Help other partiers fit the theme by making them green with envy. Our custom St. Patrick’s Day shoes let you go above and beyond the average holiday apparel. Shake it in shamrock sneakers and celebrate in style. (Except for Irish dancing. Please leave that to the professionals. Browse our predesigned sneakers or create your own look today.